martes, 20 de noviembre de 2012

Our project in Playa Paraíso

The business proposal Park technology centre of leisure, training and research Paradise Beach 2010 Adeje is pending before the City Council of Adeje in Tenerife, as PAT (project Territorial action).The purpose of the work we do the multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurial initiative is to create a technological park in a space of approximately 120,000 m 2 in the area known as Finca Las Cancelas in Playa Paraíso, Adeje municipality, and has as a purpose the creation of a Hotel School 5 stars in which implant is degree College of tourism, Protocol training well as training graduate in renewable energies, environmental law and other areas related to the development sustainable and especially in the management and use of water. In this sense one of the facilities expected is a center of water research which coordinates joint projects between public and private institutions, universities, foundations and other entities in order to improve the conditions of life and water management .Another of the facilities provided in entrepreneurship is the creation of a Museum of water. It would also create a Talasso Center for preventive and health care treatment, and next to it will be a major Ophthalmologist Center that could be the Barraquer Institute. One of the policies of the project is the whole complex of renewable energy use, hydroelectric down water from the pond to the country estate of the project, photovoltaic energy as well as the establishment on a flat of reverse osmosis. A great center of sociocultural community is being created so that the project integrates all sectors political Responsibility .The paper of the project among other things is the use of energy to install facilities for electric and hybrid vehicles .Currently is managing the collaboration of public universities in the project and especially to the University of La Laguna, institution who have direct dealings with its Rector for integration in this initiative. On the other hand, in Tenerife we're managing with the Bank Banco Popular, which has a branch in La Laguna, T.922252002 and Manager contact Mr. Adolfo Cea Fernandez. So, once investors come to Tenerife and we know we will try to know the architects of the project in such find, so familiarize theirselves with the team and we can have a meeting to explain the business initiative and the current process of Territorial action project, in which work between architects, urban lawyers, biologists, engineers, and other professionals on a computer in number of 33 professionals working in different areas of the project. Currently the land use is rustic and a change in urban planning to urban is intended in order to develop the business project by work it for the General interest which would be granted to the Canarias. Nowadays government administrations with competences in territorial planning know that entrepreneurship. The means by which we disclose the project's activities can be accessed to our blog for more information. The objective is the creation of a future web page where expose working architects and visualization in 3D of entrepreneurship, as well as the costs of the works of the project ( count with the collaboration of the Coram Clairfield Consultancy based in Barcelona with Advisor Iñigo Elustonde, phone 34934870330, entity who have signed a collaboration agreement to outsource the business initiative. If investors want to have a meeting with us,  we recommend them some hotel facilities excellent relationship quality price, as the botanical Hotel in Puerto de La Cruz, the Hotel Mencey, Santa Cruz de Tenerife or the Nivaria Hotel in the Centre of the Laguna.

The representative of the owners and project coordinator,

Miguel Muñoz Cabrera


You can find the estate location searching "Calle El Pinque" or "Finca Las Cancelas" in the Grafcan maps. The link is the following:

Legal regulation of territorial action projects can be looked up in the official newspaper of Canary Islands government, Boletín Oficial de Canarias (BOC). The link are the following:

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