viernes, 8 de mayo de 2015

The importance of the management team in our entrepreneurial initiative, from its beggining in 2010

The AMP Arquitectos architecture team, which has a long career, a great national and international prestige and numerous awards for the architectural quality of its works, was fortunate to join our initiative on its early stages, from 2010 to 2011. With the architects Felipe Artengo and José María Rodríguez Pastrana, the management team shared great moments of teamwork, including a visit to the location of our business plan: the Finca Las Cancelas, placed in the area of Playa Paraiso (Adeje, Tenerife). We appreciate the privilege of having had their timely cooperation and support in the early days of our business project.

Later, in the period 2012-2013, other architects were incorporated to carry out the monitoring of this proposal: Annika Schollin and Juan Pedro Salcedo, due to the fact that AMP was unable to continue with it. These two new architects provided their work and experience, improving our initiative. Their activity, which achieved a higher level of commitment than the previous management team, meant an exponential increase in teamwork and the negotiations for a Territorial Action Project (PAT), which essentially aims to foster entrepreneurship linked to R+D+I.

In the period 2013-2014, the prestigious architect Mr. Jerónimo Padrón López brought in his extensive experience in bioclimatic architecture, as well as a plus in the design and distribution of non residential-lands which belong to the proposal location.

In early 2015, the team architect Alejandro Díez Martín joined our project, in order to complete the architectural work of Mr. Jerónimo Padrón and the viability analysis, both of which will eventually allow us to expose a comprehensive proposal to the investors, so as to facilitate its positioning.

We want to highlight the work of the Canarytax and Bufete Aznar legal firms, who heads the Tax Law Professor Mr. Guillermo Núñez. Both firms have contributed to the founding of our initiative. As coordinator, I also want to especially thank the lawyer and writer Mr. Ramiro Rosón Mesa, whom I congratulate for his great work in drawing and creating the contents of this blog, which helps us to improve our marketing strategy.

We want to send a special regard to the various academic institutions, business sectors and public administrations which support this type of projects that create Jobs. We especially thank the University of La Laguna’s Rector, Mr. Eduardo Domenech, and his team for serving us and offering us the opportunity to present our initiative at this University, because it could create synergies for integrating the University into the business world.

I finally want to express my personal thanks to all other colleagues for their excellent work, without which this project would not have been possible. Finally, we want to remember the lawyer Mr. Federico González de Aledo (Bufete Aledo) and the architect Mr. José María Rodríguez Pastrana (AMP Arquitectos), which were also part of the project's origins. Although they are no longer physically with us, his spirit continues to inspire our work.

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