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Water and Tourism Forum: the water management in Tenerife as an experience useful for tourism in Africa (Bahía del Duque Hotel, Adeje, Tenerife, 22th and 22th March 2017)

This article is an English translation of the following text, written in Spanish:

Water and Tourism Forum was held the 22th and 23th March in the Bahía del Duque Hotel (Adeje), organised by the Tenerife Water Council (CIATF), a public corporation which depends on the insular government of Tenerife, and by the Isla Forum entity. At this time, the conferences were about the water management in Tenerife as an experience useful for tourism in Africa. The conferences featured the assistance of a huge public, which filled the facilities’ capacity, and its first day coincided with the World Day Water (22th March), declared by the UNO to recognize the importance of water in every sphere of human life, to guarantee this resource for present and future generations and to protect ecosystems, using it in an efficient way.

The technical team of our entrepreneurial initiative “Technological Park Paradise Beach 2010-Adeje” could attend the conferences held the 22th March:  specifically, the project manager, Miguel Muñoz, and the lawyer and writer Ramiro Rosón, with the aim of knowing the current strategies in water management, which were presented at the different talks of the meeting. Professionals of the water sector from different backgrounds took part in this talks. Local institutions such as the Mayor of Adeje, the President of the insular government of Tenerife, a representative of Tenerife Water Council and another of the Balten (Water Reservoirs of Tenerife) group also took part in the meeting.

Miguel Angelo Barreto da Moura, expert in water and sanitation, came from Cape Verde. From Mauritania came Naha Mint Hamdi Ould Mouknass, Minister of Trade, Industry, Craftmanship and Tourism; Mohamed Mahmoud Ne, Head of the National Tourism Office; and Lavdal Dadde, adviser of the Minister of Water and Sanitation. From Senegal came Mor Ngom, Minister of Presidence, and Mansour Faye, Minister of Hydraulics and Sanitation. All these international representatives took part in the fórum to know the integral treatment of water cycle and its efficient management, because Canary Islands have a big team of professionals in this sphere and provide a good example on how it can be applied to tourism, which is currently growing in the emerging countries of Africa.

At the forum, we had the opportunity to meet the representatives of these African countries and spread, at the same time, our entrepreneurial initiative, providing these countries all our support and the collaboration of our technical team in those strategic areas which they need to reinforce. During the meeting, the lawyer Ramiro Rosón, thanks to his language knowledge, acted as a French interpreter with Mauritanian and Senegalese representatives. What is more, we will send very son a brief summary of our project to the three countries which were at the forum (Cape Verde, Mauritania and Senegal), in order to support them in the development of water management and tourism, and we will also give information about the event to the headquarters of the African Union (, due to the importance of the problem of water in Africa and worldwide.

We want to congratulate the organisation of the forum, the city council of Adeje ( and the chosen place, the emblematic Bahía del Duque Hotel ( What is more, we want remember that we could meet, at this forum, the representative of Podemos ( in the insular government of Tenerife, Julio Concepción, who showed much interest in the issue of water management and already knows our initiative.

The project manager of “Technological Park and Leisure, Training and Research Center Paradise Beach 2010-Adeje”, a project of territorial action which main objectives are water and territory management, alternative energy and bioclimatic architecture,

Miguel Muñoz

Phone: +34 648 74 49 37
Linkedin: Miguel Muñoz (

Information leaflet of the event.
From right to left: the project manager, Miguel Muñoz (, and the lawyer and writer Ramiro Rosón (, who attended the forum in 22th March 2017 and took advantage of the meeting to explain our project to African representatives, on the occasion of World Water Day,

We invite you to visit our blog, which deals mainly with a water management initiative which more than 30 professionals are working in:
-Here is the list of professionals which make up our technical team:

From 2010 to 2011, the group AMP Architects worked with us (, From 2011 to 2013, the architects Annika Schollin (,, and Juan Pedro Salcedo García (, were in charge of the architectural design. Later, from 2013 to 2015, the architect Jerónimo Padrón (, took over the controls, and in 2015 the architect Alejandro Díez Martín (, joined us and he is currently finishing the presentation of our architectural project in 3D.

The lawyer and writer Ramiro Rosón, who collaborates with our initiative. You can visit his blog there:

Organisers of the event

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-Isla Forum. Tenerife in the world:

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