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The architect Alejandro Díez Martín joined the initiative "Parque Tecnológico Playa Paraíso" in the beginning of 2015

The architect Alejandro Díaz Martín joined our initiative "Parque Tecnológico Playa Paraíso 2010-Adeje" in the beginning of 2015. Nowadays, in 2017, we are about to finish the drafting phase of our 3D mockup, which is in charge of this young architect, who will complete the work developed by other professionals of architecture who have took part in our entrepreneurial initiative since 2010: AMP Architects (2010-2011), Annika Schollin and Juan Pedro Salcedo (2011-2013) and Jerónimo Padrón (2013-2015).

We thank Alejandro for betting on this great initative, to which we have dedicated all our efforts in order to get it off the ground, because we have different sectorial reports which will provide a successful strategy for its subsequent development. The 3D mockup will be presented in our page hosted by the website Wix.com, where we will expose the organisation of the various facilities which are part of our proposal, in a surface of 120,000 square metres. According to current legislation, this proposal should be processed as a territorial action project with a strategic value. This project will not ony benefit the growth and development of Playa Paraíso (Adeje municipality), but also the southern región and the island as a whole. Thus, the autonomous región of Canary Islands will be able to count on the development of the entrepreneurial initiative "Centro de Ocio, Formación e Investigación Playa Paraíso 2010-Adeje", which commercial name is "Parque Tecnológico Playa Paraíso 2010-Adeje":

–Meeting of the planning team with the architect Alejandro Díez Martín (29th January 2015). Article published in our blog the 30th March 2015:

The 29th January 2015 in the afternoon, the architect Alejandro Díez Martín was introduced to the planning team of our entrepreneurial initiative in the Nivaria Hotel in La Laguna, in a meeting where the marine biologist Paula Rivero and the project manager Miguel Muñoz were in order to know his architectural work, recommended by the legal office of one of our lawyers (Bufete Aznar). This meeting allowed that this architect took part with his work team in the drafting proposal of the architectural project in our initiative, which will go with a viability study in order to determine the real cost of facilities and the economic viability of the project. That will enable us to attract local, national and international investors to develop our initiative.

Previously to this meeting, the 28th January, the project manager had the opportunity to meet Pedro Juan Darias Hernández, architect and professor in the Building Engineering School of the University of La Laguna. Among other objectives, this meeting was intended for his department to know our architectural proposal in situ and the possibility of integrating the university into it through the Excellence Campus. Besides, he was invited to the meeting held the 29th January, where he could not go to for proffessional reasons, in order to meet the architect Alejandro Díez Martín and know his work.

After the meeting in the Nivaria Hotel, the project manager and the biologist had an excellent impression, because of the precission and quality of his work, which prove that a young architect can carry out large scale projects when he works with enthusiasm and dedication. Besides, we want to point that he took part as an architect in the creation of the San Pablo gourmet market, placed in the historical centre of La Laguna, which developed his activity during the 2015-2016 period. It is a smartly designed architectural work, where the spaces are organised according to the different activities which are carried out in them.

–Visit of the planning team to Las Cancelas estate in Playa Paraíso (28th February 2015). Article published in our blog the 6th March 2015:

The commercial center El Marqués, 5 is in Playa Paraíso, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the coast and a great sunset. The 28th february 2015, the members of the planning team of the entrepreneurial initiative “Parque Tecnológico Centro de Ocio, Formación e Investigación Playa Paraíso 2010-Adeje” visited the Las Cancelas estate, where we are developing our project. In this visit went with us our new architect, Alejandro Díez Martín, the marine biologist Paula Rivero, the lawyer and writer Ramiro Rosón and the project manager Miguel Muñoz. Not only various public corporations were informed about this meeting, but also all the members of the planning team, in order that they could attend it.

After a meeting with the estates owners, we could see the pond which is part of our project and Las Cancelas estate, in order that our new architect and the marine biologist would know the location of the project and the course of Las Cancelas ravine, as well as the importance of wetlands in the ponds nearby to the zone. At the same time, they studied the possibility of providing added value to the former Las Cancelas school, which is currently unused. After the in situ study, which enabled us to guide the design and distribution of the facilities which will make up the mockup of our project, the members of the planning team went to the maritime promenade of Playa Paraíso, enjoying an excellent sunset in a charming place. We discovered a great restaurant and we had the opportunity to meet its manager, who we enjoyed a pleasant afternoon with. It was the restaurant La Pinza (phone: 922740127), which we recommend because of its excellent service and customers attention.

We have the expectation that the work of our planning team will be soon materialised and we thank the contributor team for his support, which has become a guarantee and an excellent strategy for leading to success a project which was born in the beginning of 2010, with our first visits to Las Cancelas estate. We want to remember that all our project idea turns around water, its integral cycle, the implementation of renewable energy sources, the bioclimatic architecture and the approaching of university to commercial network as central elements. Therefore, this project is intended to become a model of territorial organisation which will be sustainable and creator of new employments.

-How to start the processing of a territorial action project:

Anyway, due to the processing of the new law on soil in the Canary parliament, our proposal would be adapted to the new territorial regulation, for its legal and economic viability before the potential investors. In fact, the 3th May 2016 we started to manage the possibility of implementing a water park related to sea sports in a part of a perimeter surface of 120.000 square metres where our initiative will have place, because an important group of investors was interested in this location, considering that it has the requisites for its viability. Our planning team has steadily supported this proposal, which we expect that will be materialised son in order to improve the touristic and leisure facilites in Playa Paraíso, because that will benefit the development of our initiative.

Thanks to the Water and Tourism Forum, which we attended the 22th March 2017, we could enjoy an excellent meeting, which allowed us to know the strategy of the Tenerife Island Water Council in the field of water management, and meet the invited representatives of the African countries which were at the Forum (Cape Verde, Mauritania and Senegal). At the end of this conference, we could talk with the representatives of these countries about the monitoring of our entrepreneurial initiative and inform them about its evolution. This initiative is clearly applied for being a model of sustainable development which can be implemented without any problem in other territories.+

The project manager of the entrepreneurial initiative "Parque Tecnológico Playa Paraíso 2010-Adeje",

Miguel Muñoz

Phone: 648 74 49 37
Email: miguelproyecto@hotmail.es

Architect Alejandro Díez Martín
Email: alejandrodiemar@gmail.com
Phone: 609 569 938

Exact location of El Pinque Street in the Grafcan viewer:

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