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Information about an entepreneurial project in Tenerife related to water management

From: Miguel Fidel Muñoz 
To: info@worldwaterday2010.info 
Sent: Friday, March 21, 2014 11:18 AM
Subject: Information about an entrepreneurial project in Tenerife related to water management

To the attention of UNO-Water (World Water Day)

We are developing an entrepreneurial project with a team of architects, engineers and other professionals in Tenerife, in a place called Playa Paraíso (Finca Las Cancelas), within the municipality of Adeje. Our project deals with renewable sources of energy, the use of water in its whole cycle, the use of sea water, the building of a reverse osmosis plant to produce our own drinkable water for the resort and provide sea water for the pools of a thalassotherapy center, with the aim of taking advantage of the qualities of this kind of water. Besides, we have a pond which is intended to be used for the building of a little hydroelectric power plant, with the aim of producing our own energy as a self-sufficient energy sistem. It is also intended to apply other sources of energy, such as photovoltaic, geothermal, biomass and wind, so we will be able to guarantee the energy efficience of the whole resort with a combined cycle.

To summarize, the technical project is intended to implement the following facilities in a rough space of 120,000 square metres:

1. A touristic luxury resort of five stars, linked to health, scientific, cultural, academic, and ethnographic tourism. It will be also an educational center about tourism and clean energies with an administrative building linked to universities. This building will host postgraduate programmes in fields such as sources of energy, environmental law, bioclimatic architecture, the research on water and other technological areas.

2. A center for the research and management of water, which will provide a sustainable model of development, allowing collaboration between public and prívate corporations with the aim of finding environmental solutions and ensuring a resource essential for the survival of our planet.

3. A thalassotherapy center linked to healthcare and especially to the qualities of sea water. It will include other facilities linked to health, such as ophtalmologist, gym, aesthetic center, restaurants, hairdresser and sports activities.

4. The creation of a peripheral park for leisure, with the aim of dynamising Southern Tenerife and reinforcing the knowledge of countryside and urban environment. This park will take into consideration the habitats of local plants and animals and its integration in the environment.

5. The creation of a vehicle float to promote hybrid and electric cars, as a measure which will contribute to the application of clean energies, lesser CO2 emissions and the use of public transport.

6. The delimitation of a space in the project’s land for the creation of ecologic orchards and the research on hydroponic crops, promoting the self-production of food in the resort, as well as the research and education in the field of agriculture. This will allow, among other things, to become an educational reference in agriculture, to boost local economy and to be a model for local collectives and the touristic, academic and educational sector.

7. The recovery of public spaces such as Las Cancelas primary school, which is an essential facility for the local development in educational programmes related to professional training in ecological agriculture, hydroponic crops, as well as leisure, ethnographical and cultural activities. These programmes will allow to bring citizens and tourists closer to the knowledge of the important natural and cultural heritage which Southern Tenerife keeps, especially in the municipalities of Adeje, Arona, Granadilla de Abona, San Miguel de Abona, Santiago del Teide, Guía de Isora and Vilaflor, due to the influence and proximity to the location of our entrepreneurial initiative.

Our initiative Technological Park “Leisure, Education and Research Centre Playa Paraíso 2010-Adeje” is currently being negotiated as a structural project of territorial action, which is a way of including entrepreneurial initiatives which try to be recognized as projects of public interest for his approval by territorial planning instruments. To summarize, this proposal based on R&D turns around four guidelines, which are the defining elements of our calendary for 2014: water, alternative energy, territory and bioclimatic architecture. These concepts are part of our sustainable development strategy and a new idea of territorial planning, supported by an important team of experts, among which there are architects, engineers, lawyers and other professionals which make up the project team.

We have presented our project as an advance for the general organisation planning of Adeje, as a mean of studying its viability, and we are currently searching for potential investors. As a whole, the activities for the development of our entrepreneurial initiative, including the development of the technical project, would involve a global cost of 60 millons of euros. For practical purposes, the financial instruments such as the special tax regulation of Canary Islands, as well as other instruments at different levels (local, regional, state and European), will guarantee the success of this initiative. Besides the project, it is intended to create, next to the research centre on water, a museum of water which will be a model for Canary Islands and its international projection. This museum of water will become a core for developing worldwide research programmes, which will be able to gather information and documents about history of water. In the case of Canary Islands, the different public corporations (local authorities, regional governments and the State) face an important challenge such as water management, because it is about an element essential for survival of worldwide habitats.

In our blog, you will find relevant information which we have been ellaborating since the birth of our initiative in February 2010, and is has been shaping up over time. It is necessary to outline the importance and the value of the professionals involved in this big project, which will create wealth in different economic sectors if developed, promotes employment and entrepreneurship as a whole, and reinforces the connection between centres and facilities based on R&D.

It also strenghtens collaboration between universities and research centres worldwide. Canary Islands are not only a touristic model, but also a connection point for educational centers at an international level in the field of water research. In this sense, we have sent information about this project to different universities, especially the University of La Laguna, which has a direct interest in the objectives of our initiative. We want to thank all the people who are part of this important project, as a way of joining efforts to achieve an efficent and sustainable development, with the aim of guaranteeing the future of the next generations. Thanks for all the support received.

Right now, the municipality of Adeje, the local government of Tenerife, the government of Canary Islands and the ministry of industry, energy and tourism of Spain have been informed about this initiative. The 7th March 2014, we sent a summary of our proposal and have received confirmation of its reception. We will also send a dossier of the proposal to other public corporations at an European level, with the aim of disseminating the idea among different European authorities, which surely receive it with interest. This proposal is an instrument to make things change, help to change the economic cycle and connect national economies in a global network for the common good.

In La Laguna (Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain), the 19th July 2017.

Best regards from Technological Park “Leisure, Education and Research Centre Playa Paraíso 2010-Adeje”,

The project manager, Miguel Muñoz

Phone: +34 648 74 49 37
Email: miguelproyecto@hotmail.es

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